Other Projects

Help Refugees in Need

Lots of refugees are arriving in the Greek island of Lesbos (also called Lesvos) every day. They are escaping war and devastation in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Somalia and Libya on their way to seeking safety and asylum in mainland Europe
$1,000.25 RAISED
157 Days Left
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I want to travel to Africa: Kenya and Uganda- in order to volunteer in their local hospital helping vulnerable women and children with health issues and Need your support.
$9,500.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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Help Ebola Victims

We are seeking to raise $100,000 to start a pilot program that will train and employ youth's orphaned by Ebola in Liberia . Ebola Victims need our help, Please help.
$40,550.00 RAISED
98 Days Left
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Jenny’s Macaron Startup Fund

Based on the Beautiful Island of San Juan, we are a family owned and run pastry business. Our goal is to bring high-quality artisanal pastries to the local markets, using organic and locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality.
$5,000.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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Help veterans Jump Start a Business

An estimated 35,000 post 9/11 veterans return to Texas each year after deployment and face an unemployment rate substantially exceeding the national average. According to SBA, 1 in 4 of these veterans (8,750) are interested in starting a business.
$34,460.00 RAISED
98 Days Left
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Help Oluomachi Fight the Fight-Hole in heart

We will greatly appreciate all your support to help Oluomachi get the surgery that she needs to save her life. She has a hole in heart and need our help
$72,150.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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Books for Children

Most of us will never be in a position that gives us the power to steer the course of world events...but I am convinced we can still make a difference. Between this crowdsourcing drive and Filipino friends in country who are organising a grass-roots fundraising effort, we can come together as family, friends and an international community to get these kids the basic building blocks for their education and future.
$14,800.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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Help save Sasha’s life 

We hereby introduce you to our little, brave Sasha from Donetsk area of Eastern Ukraine In the last month he has endured a stroke, unilateral paralysis, seizures, a chest infection, a blood infection, and heart stoppages.
$63,250.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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Shortly after the outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, when it seemed like bad news was the only news, Good Deeds Alliance Foundation field team in Guinea started to receive reports of something that seemed almost impossible given the climate.
$98,000.00 RAISED
0 Days Left
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